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/dev/dig - acquire EEG data and events


The /dev/dig driver acquires EEG data and up to 16 bit event codes from hardware and exports a simple interface to user programs. After the device is opened, it expects the user to write a DigStart entry. This entry contains the following fields:
The number of channels in a single scan. If the value of this field is zero, then scans are stopped.
The number of scans to return in a single read.
The sample period in microseconds.
The channel gain list, each entry in this list has a channel descriptor and a gain descriptor. There can be at most 256 channels in this list (hardware willing).

Once the DigStart entry is written, scans will appear on the read side of the file descriptor. The file descriptor can also be used with poll (2) to indicate when data are available. Data are returned using the DigScan entry. One DigScan entry per channel scan. This entry has the following fields:
The sample number of this scan.
The number of event codes found in this scan (up to 11).
An array of up to 11 event codes.


The digitize device file.
The digitize device interface file.


Arthur Jones, sponsored by: Yale University, University of Oregon, Dartmouth College, University of California, San Diego, University of Texas, San Antonio, University of California, Davis and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

See Also

ni(4) , nie(4) , digitize(1) , digitize-info(5)

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